The definition of yellowism for encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks.

Yellowism is an autonomous phenomenon in contemporary visual culture. It derives from the visual arts and despite this fact, is not classified as art, what is in accordance with its essence. It was defined in 2010 by Marcin Łodyga and Vladimir Umanets. Characteristic feature of yellowism is the lack of a creative element. All manifestations of yellowism are about yellow, are identical in content and differ only in terms of form. Pieces of yellowism are cause of expansion of yellowism and are not the result of the creative process and evolution. Yellowism can easily be seen as a kind of art or creativity; however, such thinking belies its true nature. Yellowism can be presented only in the special yellowistic chambers. Yellowistic chamber is a closed room with violet walls that is not an art gallery and because of its nature, cannot exist or be presented in an art gallery. On 15th Nov 2010 in Giza, in the Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber was opened the first exhibition of yellowism called "Flattened to yellow”, on which, for the first time, the manifesto of yellowism was presented. The opening date of this exhibition is considered as the beginning of yellowism.

“Examples of yellowism can look like works of art, but are not works of art. We believe that the context for works of art is already art. The context for yellowism is nothing but yellowism. Pieces of yellowism are only about yellow and nothing more. All manifestations of yellowism have the same sense and meaning and express exactly the same. In yellowism, all the possible interpretations are reduced to one - are equalized, flattened to yellow. Interpreting yellowism as art and being about something other than just yellow deprives yellowism of its only purpose.”
- fragment from early version of manifesto of yellowism by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets.