6 comments / by Marcin Lodyga

1.Art was not my aim but a means to an aim. Through art I reached to Yellowism. The transition to another level - but not like in a computer game. It is rather a transition from one game to another game. 
2.The only difference between those who defined the context of yellowism (who wrote the Manifesto of Yellowism) and are "doing something" in this context,  and those who did not define it (but rather they "got it") and also are "doing something" in this context, lies in the fact that the latter did not define it. To make yellowism is enough to be aware of the context of yellowism.
3.The same person may exhibit works in art galleries and also in yellowistic chambers. He/she does not need to give up the art to do something in Yellowism. This person must only separate and distinguish these two contexts. She/he can even show the same thing in either of the contexts. In the art gallery a film about war in Afghanistan will be about war in Afghanistan (and probably also about something else) but in a yellowistic chamber the same film will be about yellow and nothing more.
4. Hypothetically: the work of art shown in the yellowistic chamber is no longer a work of art, but it becomes a piece of yellowism.
5.The piece of yellowism shown in the art gallery or anywhere except the yellowistic chamber is no longer a piece of yellowism, but it becomes a work of art or simply disappears in reality.
6.The yellow homogeneous mass is not for the masses.